If you get pre-approved for home financing, you will:

  • Save time by knowing what you can spend* on a home before you start looking
  • Be protected against interest rate increases while you shop
  • Increase your comfort level when shopping for a home


We know you want to jump right to shopping for your dream home, but unfortunately skipping this essential step can hurt you in the buying process. Possibly being the reason you miss out on your dream home once you find it! The following issues may arise:

  • Seller may not take your offer seriously as you haven’t looked at your finances yet.
  • The home you are interested in is a great deal, and you need to put in your offer before it’s gone! But now you need more time than the average Buyer to arrange your finances. The Seller will most likely look to the other offers (if it is a multiple offer situation) for a quicker, more promising sale.
  • Your offer was accepted, and you have time to get your financing completed, but once speaking with your Mortgage Specialist, she informs you that this house is just too expensive for you to get approved on a mortgage. You lose out on your dream house and the Seller is upset because their house was put on hold for someone who was not prepared to finalize the deal.
  • As a First Time Home Buyer, you were unaware of your potential price range. After looking at over 30 houses with your Realtor, and unhappy with the quality of home, your Realtor suggested you go speak with a Mortgage Specialist to make sure you are looking in the right price range. Shortly after you were approved for a much higher mortgage than expected, and found a perfect home for your needs.


  • You can get pre-approved for a mortgage.
  • Take advantage of online planning tools and mortgage calculators to start planning your next move as well as asking me who I recommend to get the process started. I work with several reputable lenders and mortgage brokers who will go the extra mile for you and tailor a mortgage package that works for your specific needs/goals. Many times the approval can be done without even stepping foot into a mortgage office…even by telephone.


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