Your Seller’s Guide

Thinking about selling your home? You’ve come to the right place. Selling a real estate property takes a little patience and a lot of preparation before you can see the pay-off. In this section you’ll find information and advice about every step of the home selling process, from capitalizing on housing market conditions to closing the sale smoothly so you’re completely satisfied.

And when you’re ready to put your house up for sale, count on Christine Moretto to show you the way. We’ll help you sell your home faster and easier, getting you full value for your investment.

Getting Ready to Sell

  • Selecting the Best Listing Agent

    Selecting the Best Listing Agent

    YOUR GUIDE THROUGH THE REAL ESTATE WILDERNESS Think of your agent like a wilderness guide. Just as the wilderness guide keeps you on the right path and away from danger on a backwoods adventure, your real estate agent is an expert and will help you navigate through the complicated areas of the home selling process,…

  • Determining Property Value

    Determining Property Value

    It’s a common scenario. You love your old house. After all, your home was the one constant: it set the stage for many family events and cherished memories. Every scratch in the floor, and every nick in the wall, tells a story. And although the house no longer suits your needs, there is a part…

  • Your Market Analysis

    Your Market Analysis

    It’s time to decide on an asking price. You know that setting the right price for current housing market conditions is crucial, and you’ve been told that overpricing can spell death for a new listing. But how do you determine the fair market value of your home if you don’t know the intricacies of your…

  • Calculating Expenses & Costs

    Calculating Expenses & Costs

    HOME SELLING COSTS YOU MIGHT BE OVERLOOKING As you prepare to put your house on the market, it is tempting to imagine how you’ll spend the proceeds. Of course you’ll put the bulk toward your new house, and you’ll have to cover the real estate agent fee. But what if you turn a little more…

Increasing Property Value

  • Maximizing Your Curb Appeal

    Maximizing Your Curb Appeal

    IS YOUR HOME READY TO SEE OTHER PEOPLE? It’s a question you need to ask before the for-sale sign hits your lawn. First impressions count, and as home buyers can be a fickle lot, you want your house to be enticing from the outset. This is called curb appeal, and it refers to making your…

  • Interior Preparation

    Interior Preparation

    HOW TO GET YOUR HOME IN GEAR FOR A QUICKER SALE You’ve invested years getting your home to look just the way you want it. The interior is splashed with vibrant colours, family photos hang from the walls, and treasured keepsakes fill your shelves and tabletops. You love your home, but your needs have changed…

  • Renovations – DIY or Professional

    Renovations – DIY or Professional

    DO IT YOURSELF OR HIRE A PROFESSIONAL? If you’ve spent years waking up to wood-panelled walls and shag rugs, some home improvements, especially if you’re intent on selling your house, may be in order. In today’s competitive real estate market, renovations, or even a home makeover, offer a relatively affordable means to boost the value…

  • Energy Efficiency

    Energy Efficiency

    No matter what type of home you live in, whether it’s a modern one-bedroom condo or an older Victorian charmer, green is in. In the past decade we’ve become all too familiar with the terms green living, eco-friendly and energy-efficient, but these are more than just buzzwords. As caretakers of this precious planet, taking a gentler approach to the environment leaves…

Listing Your Home

  • How Listing Agents Help

    How Listing Agents Help

    REASONS TO SELL WITH CHRISTINE MORETTO As you prepare to sell your house and interview prospective agents, you may find yourself wondering: just what exactly does a real estate agent do, anyway? Sure, you see the lawn signs and the MLS listings, but do you know all they do to earn their commission? At a basic level, a…

  • Marketing Your Home

    Marketing Your Home

    No matter how attractive the house or the price, your house won’t sell without a marketing plan. The word has to get out to the buying public somehow. Christine Moretto will draw on her experience and knowledge of the local housing market to develop a detailed marketing plan that will give your property the maximum exposure and…

  • Understanding Agency

    Understanding Agency

    AGENCY LAW: YOUR ASSURANCE OF FAIR PLAY Would you raise an eyebrow if you discovered your dentist owns the candy shop down the street? Would you be uneasy knowing the mechanic who fixes your car’s brakes moonlights as a tow truck operator? These examples may be a little far-fetched, but they demonstrate the point. You’d…

Showing Your Home

  • Preparing for an Open House

    Preparing for an Open House

    An open house is an important part of the selling process. It lets people know you’re selling your home, it gets people talking about your home and, most importantly, it gets people looking at your home. An open house will draw potential buyers, neighbours, real estate agents and others who are just there to “browse”…

  • Staging Your Home

    Staging Your Home

    You’ve taken your real estate agent’s advice and gone through pain-staking repairs, remodeling and renos, all to make your house more sellable. So what do you need to do before you declare your home open to the public? Here are some home staging tips to help drive up the interest in your home:   CLEAN…

Closing The Sale

  • Closing Costs for Sellers

    Closing Costs for Sellers

    Closing day is rapidly approaching, and you’re looking forward to finally holding that big cheque. But in all your excitement, don’t forget that you’ll have to dole out a little bit of cash before the deal is sealed in the way of closing costs. Closing costs are fees owed on or by closing day that…

  • Consulting a Legal Professional

    Consulting a Legal Professional

    WHY A SELLER NEEDS A REAL ESTATE LAWYER OR NOTARY When it comes to complex legal documents, it takes a pro to decode the legalese. And when it comes to real estate transactions, there are plenty of those complex legal documents. You’re going to need a real estate lawyer (or a notary if you live…

  • Negotiating and Counter Offers

    Negotiating and Counter Offers

    More often than not you’re going to find something in the buyer’s purchase offer that you don’t agree with. Maybe the offered price is too low, or the conditions and inclusions are too demanding. Acceptance An accepted offer means you’ve agreed to all the terms and conditions exactly as set forth in the offer to…

  • Reviewing Your Offers

    Reviewing Your Offers

    After upgrades, open houses, and a lot of time spent keeping things spotless, you’ve got an offer on your home. Congratulations! But before you crack open the champagne, keep in mind that there’s a lot to consider before you sign on the dotted line. You want negotiate the best deal you can get, ensuring the…