Hello, our names are Lori & Tom. At one time, we were just like you, trying to sell our home privately. Month after month, buyers came to view our beautiful home only to leave without signing an offer.Then we hired Christine Moretto of Royal LePage Binder Real Estate and within a short period she brought us an acceptable offer. Our home is now sold! So, if you’re tired of trying to sell privately, call Christine Moretto today! She’ll work hard for you just as she worked hard for us. She booked all the OPEN HOUSES, advertised steadily and handled all the calls from Buyers and Realtors alike. Plus, she’ll put your home on the MLS system allowing more than 800 Sales People from different offices the opportunity to bring you a buyer. In addition, Christine belongs to the powerful Royal LePage network that has been a well known Franchise name for many years, also internationally known world wide, giving you access to out of town buyers as well. So, if you want action that produces results, call Christine Moretto! Why not let her 15yrs of experience work for you too in this challenging market? We’re sure glad we finally called her!”

Lori Searson & Tom Botka

This letter is to laud the praises of our Realtor, Christine Moretto, who we are now happy to consider our good friend. I first called Christine after noticing a house that she had listed. To our dismay, the house had been sold. Christine asked what we were looking for in a house and set us up to receive some email listings automatically. Since our house was sold and I was soon going out of town, we had about three weeks to find the house of our dreams. We told Christine there were some houses we wanted to view and she gladly took us out one Saturday to view about 7 homes. There was one house that we were interested in, but there was somewhat of a “bidding war” going on and we decided against getting involved. However, Christine came prepared with an offer that she had drawn up the night before, just in case. While Christine was out of town, we went to an open house and decided we wanted to make an offer. Christine spoke to the Realtor on our behalf and found out there was already an offer, but we decided to put our offer in to be next in line. There was a 90% chance that we would not get that house, and since our time was running out, we decided to continue the search. Once again, Christine took us out to view about 6 more homes. We found another home that we wanted to make an offer on, and again Christine did the legwork, checking and rechecking on legalities, issues and possible consequences. We finally did end up with that house, but there continued to be issues regarding the first house where we made an offer. Christine persevered until everything was resolved to our mutual satisfaction. In our opinion, Christine Moretto went above and beyond the call of duty with respect to our house hunting dilemma. We never expected a Realtor to be as prepared as she was, someone who “Jumped Through Hoops” when required, and genuinely took an interest in us as people, and not just prospective home buyers. She walked us through all of the emotional highs and lows that occurred and did this with extreme courtesy and professionalism. Christine will be the one we contact in the future when needed. We will also highly recommend her to friends and acquaintances who may be considering buying or selling a home. Christine never relaxed her efforts towards us and even though we knew she had other clients, we often felt that we were at the top of her list. Christine we can’t thank you enough!!

Mary & David Pittell

Three years ago, I was looking for a Real Estate Agent. A close friend of mine highly recommended you, and I’m very glad I chose you! Little did I know I could not exactly buy a house at that time. I was going through a separation and the timing was simply not right for me. Through this process, you were very easy to talk to, showed compassion and kept in touch. You would always check in with me every once in a while, giving me updates about the market and just investing time in building a relationship. I knew that you were the right agent for me because you were very patient, never pushy and had my family’s best interest at heart. You never gave up on my dream of purchasing a home on my own. After three years, I recently purchased a home with your help! In a few weeks, I will no longer be renting and have a place I can truly call my own. Christine, I could not be happier with you and how you provided such high quality services. You were flexible in making yourself available to me, despite your busy schedule, and making me feel like I was your most important client. You simply took care of everything for me. Your experience, professionalism and calm demeanor helped me through the buyer process with very little stress. I would highly recommend you to my family, friends and colleagues.

Janice McKinnon

I just wanted to make a comment on the monthly newsletter that you send out. I really do appreciate it. I love the fact that you still remain in contact with us, even though the business part of the relationship is over, I can still feel the friendship and am very happy that we decided to do business with you. Finding a house that suits the needs of oneself and sometimes ones family is very hard, and you made that burden easy on us. Also you were never discouraged about the fact that we took a year to finally find the house that was PERFECT for us. When we told you the price range we were looking in, and the style of house we wanted, you never sent us to anything other than a potential house suitable for myself, my wife and most importantly, our children. We live on the most sought after street in Riverside, close to all amenities, and walking distance to the children’s’ school, which I might add, had the highest academic rating for elementary schools in Ontario 2 years ago. I feel like I should have written this letter 2 years ago, and just didn’t have the time. I figure that if you can still find the time to send us newsletters with great, easy to do recipes, and helpful tips for around the house, then there is no excuse that I can’t sit down for 10 minutes and take the time to show my gratitude to you for all the help you’ve given us, the respect you showed toward me and my family. I was dealing with two other agents before I met you and both were from reputable companies, and my family and I agree that our needs were not being looked after with the proper respect we deserved. They all knew what we were looking for and the price we wanted and in the area we wanted to live. One agent sent us to a house in Amherstburg because of the price. (We didn’t go.) He then said that we will not find anything where we want to live for the price we were approved for, so maybe we should make some sort of compromise. Another agent is someone I went to school with, and told him to treat me like a friend and not a customer. Well, that didn’t work either. When we decided to start looking for a house on our own, and called one of your listings, you were prompt in returning our call, very courteous, and eager to help. After meeting with me, my wife and kids could see that you were the agent for us. Christine, you are a very professional person and I can see that you take the needs of your clients and make it your own personal agenda to please them in every aspect. You did the research on all the listings before sending them to us, so we wouldn’t have to worry about the little things, or discourage us in any way that we couldn’t find a house. You made everything easy for us, like visits to the house (not just a phone call, but visits) to see how we were doing. You brought all paperwork to us, so we wouldn’t have to load up the kids and truck them all over the city just for a signature. Christine, I hope that your brokerage realizes just how lucky they are to have you working with them. I wish I could take out a front page ad and use it just to mention you, but being the person that you are, I know that you appreciate this letter just as much as I appreciate getting the monthly newsletter you send to us. It’s nice to know that I can send referrals to you and they will be treated like family. Thanks again Christine for all the help, emails, jokes and newsletters. You truly are a friend in the Real Estate business.

Paul Talbot

Our experience buying a house was full of ups and downs but Christine, without question, made the best of every situation. Initially, Gwen and I had been casually looking at houses on our own and we quickly realized the massive scope of what is involved in this process. Christine was referred to us by a family member. Right away, she established our situation determining our priorities and expectations. As we progressed through looking at houses, she educated us on different aspects of houses. It became evident very quickly that she puts her extensive experience in the field to good use. Viewing and reviewing potential houses, she kept our best interests the top priority and lines of communication open. Christine was very honest with us on how well each house would fit within our vision. That said, she was also very respectful in that she would not pressure us one way or the other – ultimately the decision was ours to make, which we really appreciated. It is easy to see how so many people enjoy going through this process, especially with someone as up-beat and pleasant as Christine.

The time came when, we found THE house, which was a private sale by owner. This particular transaction came with some unforeseen challenges. We asked Christine to negotiate on our behalf. For Gwen and I, tensions were high, but Christine was as positive and bubbly as ever. It was very reassuring. She was right on point, working through each stage in the process with tact and decisiveness. We couldn’t be more grateful for all her hard work and the result she achieved.

To anyone looking for a real estate agent, Christine has the experience, and the right attitude. She was a delight to work with and we would highly recommend her. Thanks Christine!

Gwen Edgley & Ryan Sakal

We had been thinking of moving to a larger home due to a growing family for several years but kept putting it off for one reason or another. We met Christine Moretto when she knocked on our door and mentioned that a home was recently sold in our neighbourhood and there were other buyers interested in the area. I invited her in and she candidly answered all of our questions and left her contact information with us. When the decision was made to make the move, we contacted Christine and the journey began. Christine provided invaluable advice, after carefully looking through our home, on how we could prep our house at minimal cost by making some minor inexpensive cosmetic improvements and reducing clutter to maximize our resale value. The first (and only) Open House was set up a few weeks later and we had a fantastic turnout thanks to Christine’s network of associates and her marketing skills. Christine set the hours for the Open House for 1pm to 4pm; almost all other Agents show from 2pm to 4pm so we were immediately impressed with her extra efforts. To our pleasant surprise our home sold shortly after at a great price with a reasonable closing date thanks to Christine keeping in constant contact with the Buyer’s agent and keeping us in the loop via phone calls, meetings, text messages and e-mails. We hadn’t even began to look at new homes yet. We defined our search criteria for our new home to Christine and she easily showed us over 30 (or more) homes. Each time we went out to look at homes, Christine brought an itinerary package with the home visitations arranged on a clearly defined map showing each home and the order we’d be visiting them in to maximize viewing time and minimize travel. Also included in the package for each viewing session were printed colour pictures and detailed information about each home. Using her GPS system, we followed or rode along with her and truly enjoyed her company. As we walked through the homes, we jotted down some notes about the homes, as did Christine. We would then summarize the pros and cons of each home and when we started to stray from our original search criteria, Christine would gently remind us of any details we were forgetting about or that may not suit our needs for one reason or another; she genuinely understood our situation and why we needed certain features in a home. We were getting close to our closing date and Christine would book showings for us on weeknights, Saturdays and Sundays, many times sacrificing her personal commitments or breaking previous engagements to accommodate us. When we found the home we wanted to purchase, Christine followed through to the smallest detail in a very timely manner, working late into the evening to fax information or run counter-offers back and forth to/from the selling agent and us. When we finalized the deal with the closing date of our home fast approaching, she was genuinely as happy as we were! This was our 4th move in 27 years and smoothest by far! Christine provided us with all of the information we required to stage our home, get it inspected and retain legal services, truly a “one-stop, turnkey” experience. When we decide to move to our next home in 10 to 15 years or so, we will contact our “new friend” Christine Moretto! Thank you for your hard work, Christine! You are a true professional and pleasure to deal with!”

Miriam & George Christoff

We are writing this letter as a way to express our thanks for the excellent job you did listing and selling our house. Your determination, knowledge and go getting attitude went above and beyond what we expected in a Real Estate Agent. You took the time to show us numerous listings and always answered any questions we had. You finalized our expectations with finding the house we were looking for in a very short amount of time without any complications. It was a pleasure to have you as an Agent and we would highly recommend you to anyone requiring Real Estate assistance.

Leo & Joanne Audet

We wanted to write you this short note to let you know how pleased we were with the service we received from one of your Sales Representatives, Christine Moretto. She sold our home at ******, helped us find and purchase our new house at ****** (which we love!) and assisted Frank’s parents with the sale of their home and purchase of a new one. At all times we found Christine to be knowledgeable about the Real Estate industry and current market, professional in every way and prompt in returning our phone calls when we needed assistance. We can’t emphasize enough how Christine made the entire buying and selling process a painless experience for us! We will recommend Christine and your company to everyone we know who is thinking of buying a new home or selling their current home. We are confident they will receive the same professional service we enjoyed in our real estate transactions.

Frank & Jennifer D’Agnillo

With our house to sell and building a new house we called Christine Moretto to represent us. She quickly made us a high priority as she surely does with all her clients.
Christine quickly did her homework, listed our house with some great tips to improve our aesthetics. Christine went above and beyond her realtor role with us.

We could easily discuss things and contact her at any time. Our house had an offer on the second day of listing, selling within a week at 95% of asking price.

She had no problem accommodating us and taking our concerns into consideration. We are very pleased with Christine’s professionalism and would definitely

recommend her awesome services to anyone. We have a made a friend in the process.

John and Angela Demario

Dear Christine Moretto,
We wish to extend our deepest appreciation for your great service in helping our youngest son, Justin, acquire his first house. Throughout the entire search process, you, Christine, presented true professionalism with a human touch. Your insight into the market and needs of our young man delivered the best available property in conjunction within his means.

Joyce and I want to thank you for skillfully guiding our son Justin and allowing him to make his new start in life. The house he purchased will become a home to grow a new family.

We would also like to thank you Christine for your generous gift for a dinner at our City’s fine establishments (you shouldn’t have!) but I was always taught wisely never to refuse a well meaningful gift. Thank you for your thoughts and your gift is truly appreciated.

It goes without saying that anytime in my journeys, and there is someone who is in the market for either selling or purchasing a property….YOU, Christine, will be the first to be called!

Best regards,

Mariano & Joyce Klimowicz

We were referred to Christine by an agent in Toronto and spoke through email for a few months until we drove down to Windsor to meet her and view some homes.  We were immediately impressed with her warmth and caring manner.  Through the many months Christine searched for our perfect home (we are very picky people), she made our needs her top priority.  Whenever we needed her, she was there.  She was always more concerned with making us feel comfortable and we never felt pressure to purchase a home.  Christine was very patient and listened to our concerns during the entire process.  Christine found us an amazing home and we couldn’t be happier!  She went above and beyond in her duties as a Realtor and we now consider her a friend.  We would highly recommend her to others.

Sindy and Pam Kang

Selling your home is a big deal… maybe one of the biggest deals in your life. It’s important to work with someone that you trust and that you can communicate easily with. Christine is that person. I recently sold my mothers’ home in Windsor at 9670 Avery Lane and Christine Moretto was my agent. She is professional, knowledgeable, and works as a real partner with her clients to sell their home. I have only good things to say about Christine because from the moment we met I always felt that she had my best interests in mind. I relied on her advice, great market insight, professional knowledge and honesty… and knew with CERTAINTY that she was my partner as we navigated through listing, showing and quick sale.
Thank you Christine. Thank you for everything! I know that many more home buyers and sellers will find you as wonderful as I do.

Kim Plate

I want you to know how impressed I was with your presentation when you visited our home. Your research of homes sold or presently on the market in our neighbourhood was very commendable. You answered our questions and concerns with knowledge, assurance and confidence. It was a pleasure to have you as our agent

Mary & Bernie McKrow

With two purchases and one sale within a few short months, we certainly moved quickly. You established our personal preferences for how we wanted to work with you, and you respected them. You followed up with us quickly and answered all of our questions. We felt comfortable with your level of knowledge and your capacity to help us feel at ease throughout the process. We felt and knew that you were dedicated to us and maintained our best interests throughout the multiple purchases and sale. We wanted to say thank you for all of your efficient hard work, speed and creative solutions. Thank you for putting your heart into your job, enabling you to find this home we love!”

Jeff & Ashley Rivard

When we first came into contact I was a potential seller who was sitting on the fence. Knowing this, you still agreed to meet with me anyway and give a free market evaluation of my home. You made me feel like I was your single valued client. I was totally amazed of how professional and knowledgeable you are about today’s local Real Estate market. I have dealt with agents before but this is the first time ever that I was given a booklet outlining what the steps should be taken in order to sell a home and what to expect from my Real Estate agent and yet you still took time to answer all my questions without any pressure to list the home. In fact you stated to me that you would not attempt to list the house unless I was completely comfortable and not until you had time to do the proper research and comparisons of market conditions regarding my home. I was floored that an agent who is more interested in my comfort level and best interest over making a quick sale. On your second visit you gave me a booklet outlining market conditions of homes similar to mine in my neighbourhood. The information provided was so well organized and presented there is no doubt in my mind that you are a true professional and that you truly exceed your clients expectations. Christine at the time of this letter, I am still on the fence about selling my home. Market conditions, personal attachment to my home what ever it is that is making me hesitant to sell I want to thank you for all your hard work, patience and guidance. It is always nice to establish a great business contact but it is even better when your business contact makes you feel like a friend.”

Kevin LaBonte

We were selling our house privately and Christine Moretto and another Agent knocked on our door, with a friendly hello and offered us some tips on selling our house. They then visited again with an informative market evaluation which ensured us our home was priced correctly and we were doing everything right. After almost three months of trying to sell on our own, they won us over with their friendly and honest personalities. We did list with them but did have an offer on our own. They took the challenge to continue selling with an exclusion on our private offer. We had many showings in this eleven day listing. After each showing they took the time to contact us on feedback from the potential buyers. In our opinion they did what was promised and more. However our private offer did go through and they kept their promise. Thank you Christine Moretto!

Sandra & John

Christine Moretto randomly called my home to see if I was interested in selling my home. Fortunately for me I was in the market. This call led to the sale of my home within 48 hours. The method used by Christine worked very well, especially for sellers that are “just thinking about selling.” Christine handled the sale very professionally. She suggested ways to make the sale go easier for myself and the buyer. I would recommend Christine to anyone. She will ensure a successful sale of their home!”

Jim B.

Listing our home with Christine was an excellent decision. Christine led us through the process in a very professional manner. At her first visit to the house, she suggested a few options on how to prepare our home for sale, things we would not have known on our own. She conducted herself very professionally in meeting prospective buyers, but on the other hand she put our interest as her number one goal. Christine was always available to us and answered and clarified our concerns in a timely manner. Thank you very much Christine for leading us through this stressful process, and as far as we are concerned, you passed with flying colours!”

Sara Ibrahim

The reason we listed with you is your work ethic. You represented our next door neighbours in both the purchase of a new home and the sale of their existing home. We kept up with all your efforts to find them the perfect house for their needs. You managed to take care of both the purchase and sale the day before we needed to list. Never in our dreams would we think you would sell our house the day it hit the MLS and obtain two contracts in addition. You took all the steps needed including an open house since the accepted contract was still conditional on financing. This has been a stress free transaction. I would encourage everyone to list with you! Your hard work and knowledge of the industry is remarkable! Again, thank you! Your title of Million Dollar Producer is one I’m sure you obtain year after year. We wish you the best!

Jim & Ann Lucier

Hi, my name is Jenn and I recently Sold my house and bought another house with Christine Moretto. She came out to my house, she sat with me and went through my house and gave me an idea of what it would be worth, sat down and made a profile for me based on the criteria of what I was looking for so that I would get all the listings automatically. Then anytime I had concerns, questions, comments I just gave her a call and she would call me back right away and we would go see the house together. We saw A LOT of houses! But we found the perfect house for me and it did take some time but she was patient and never pushed me or pressured me to buy a house that wasn’t for me. She was there for 7 months and never stopped looking for a house for me. Whenever we saw houses together she was always thorough in showing me any problems with the structure or quality of the house, as she was looking out for my best interests. Anytime we were looking at homes together, I would be looking at the cosmetics and the nice finishing touches and Christine would be looking further, past all that, at the dates on the windows and whether the plumbing or electrical was updated. Then when it came to the offer process, she really did her homework, looking deeply and then showing me the comparable homes to be sure I was paying the right price for what they were asking. When it came to advertising my home when it was listed she did open houses and advertised it not only on the internet but also through local newspapers and cable tv. She showed my home quite a few times to potential buyers that she had of her own. Just before I listed my home and put it on the market, Christine went through the house and we decided to do certain updates and repairs to it to make it more saleable as she suggested that certain things would bring me more return on my investment. These were things that her expertise as a Realtor really paid off because I didn’t know what were the most important repairs and updates to be completed. I was so happy with my end result, that I would never hesitate to refer her because I know she honestly always had my best interest at heart and I’ve also sent a couple other relatives and friends to her as I know she works hard for all her clients. Thanks Christine for all your hard work and help!

Jenn Renaud

If we had to describe Christine Moretto with one word, that word would be compassionate. Compassionate in every sense of the word. Filled with energy, integrity and a world of knowledge in Real Estate. Christine has this unique way of creating a professional bond on a personal level. As first time buyers, we had so many questions and concerns that were important to us, but by the time we purchased our new dream home, Christine had answered and resolved every one of them. Christine’s patience and consistency showed confidence and reassurance every step of the way, making us often feel as though we were her only concern. When we had put in the bid for our new dream home, we had no doubts whatsoever because Christine had made us well informed about every detail of purchasing the perfect abode for our needs. My Daughter and I have been blessed with a beautiful home and to have worked amidst one of the best in her field. Christine had gone above and beyond making our experience as first time buyers excitingly unforgettable. Kudos! To Christine Moretto, with MANY Thanks!

Diana Umeaka & daughter Ayan

My wife Pat and I have both professional and personal relationship with Christine for more than 13 years. Our experience has always been that not only is she have knowledge and diligence in all areas of her job, but equally important, has that human touch that makes things go so much more smoothly. Christine has represented two of our home sales. We are happy to recommend Christine to anyone who needs a Realtor!

Pat & Mike Taylor

A Tremendous “Thank You” Christine Moretto!
This all started with a home in Tecumseh that caught our attention and inspired us to contact Christine which house was also on the same street that my mother lives on making it even more desirable.

We met Christine a few years back while looking at homes to see what the market was like, but just not ready to move yet. During that brief meeting, Christine left us with a positive impression, and so my wife and I agreed that when we were ready to sell, we would give Christine an opportunity to represent us.

My wife Barbara spoke to Christine by phone on a few occasions and we also received regular e-mails regarding the housing market, so when Barbara and I decided to sell our house in Riverside at the end of October, I suggested she contact her “girl” that kept in touch with her. Christine was prompt with her response and over-flowed with enthusiasm at the opportunity to make this happen. Absolutely from the beginning, Christine inspired a level of confidence that was truly palpable.

Christine presented herself to us as someone who wanted to do a good job to sell our house of 18 years and….well….I can now say Christine did a GREAT job! Our home presented very well thanks to her professionalism and her personal touch in getting to know Barb and I. She literally navigated us through every emotional decision that would lead us to another stage in our life!

Sometimes, stress will lead you to second guess yourself on what motivates the best decisions. It became obvious that Christine was not there to tell us what to do. What she did was empower us by acting as a resource about the housing market and gave us knowledge to make decisions that we could trust. That provided my wife and I an extremely important level of comfort that was much appreciated.

Our home sold in Riverside, and we purchased the house in Tecumseh in approximately one month time. It was back and forth with Christine constantly with the people we purchased the house from in Tecumseh. The emotional swings were like a roller-coaster ride (because the sellers of the Tecumseh house were not represented by a Realtor as they were private Sellers) but Christine was supportive well beyond any business relationship. She continued to remain positive and upbeat. When it came time to present our offer on our behalf, Christine was professional and gracious and simply stated that she stayed and negotiated our offer knowing that she could make the deal happen even when the Sellers had become impossible to deal with. I believe that her style of getting to know us and our needs for selling the home in Riverside and purchasing the house in Tecumseh required a level of professionalism and a personal commitment that she delivered on to make this happen.

If you are a person who values trust in another person which can extend beyond a business relationship, and one that can inspire enthusiasm in others, regardless of any level of adversity, please call Christine Moretto to represent your best interest.

I hope Christine will be around the next time Barbara and I move!


Daniel & Barbara Broderick

We met Christine only by calling up to view a home that was listed for sale and after seeing that home, had no real intention of giving her any of our information! We were “browsing” for our first home, but honestly, did not want any of the day to day phone calls from any agents. Christine offered to send us listings via email and promised to only show us listings we were truly interested in. I was doubtful, but agreed to give her my email address, in good faith that she would not be calling my home daily or showing up at my doorstep to try to sell me a home! Well, needless to say, Christine honored our wishes, and when we decided it was the right time to start viewing the listings, we had the opportunity to view hundreds through our email in the comfort of our own home and at our own pace! She then arranged countless last minute visits for us due to our hectic schedules! We are so thrilled to have purchased our first home! It was in part to Christine Moretto’s patience with us and her availability to accommodate us at the drop of a dime! I would recommend Christine to offer her assistance! In the market that we are in as a city currently, any agent could have made us feel like this house was THE house, she didn’t and I appreciate her for that! She allowed us to take our time and even pointed out whenever she could, that this was not the selection of house we were dreaming of. In the end, we now have the home we were looking for and it is above and beyond our expectations! Thanks Christine!!

J.T. & J. B.